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Primary Contact: +61 (02) 9880 2109
+61 408 447 525

Website: Nina Harding – Mediation Services

Nina has over 20 years experience in resolving business and public interest disputes.  She has mediated over two thousand disputes in a variety of different areas.  Nina is a nationally accredited Mediator in Australia and a recognised expert in the area of dispute resolution. In addition to mediating disputes, Nina facilitates large meetings and also teaches Mediation, Dispute Resolution and Complaint Handling workshops.  She regularly speaks at conferences and has taught thousands of people how to negotiate more effectively and resolve conflict.  Nina Harding has lectured at numerous universities in Australia and overseas, including the Philippines,  New Zealand and Hong Kong.  Nina has taught judges, barristers, counsellors, teachers, business people, university students, union officials and many others how to resolve disputes.  Nina’s workshops are fun, interactive and educational. She has also been appointed as the Austrailian Conciliator for the Australian Film Exhibition and Distribution Code.

Recent projects include:

Facilitator of abuse complaints for the Australian Defence Abuse Taskforce;
Author of free ibook, the Workplace Conflict Guide;
Facilitator of NSW Civil Justice Strategy Forum for NSW Department of Justice;
Facilitator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Forum on financial complaints; and
Facilitator of dialogue between Australian ‘Friends of Israel’ and Australian Palestinians.

Nina Harding owns an online complaints handling training company  Providing effective and entertaining training for call centre staff.

Nina is a law graduate and has a Master of Laws.