Lucy Moore

Lucy Moore’s resume 2020


Lucy, center, with mentees Jasmin Munoz and Raven Pinto in 2019

With over 35 years experience, Lucy is a facilitator, mediator, trainer and consultant, specializing in complex, often confounding, conflicts over natural resources and public policy. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she works regionally and nationally on issues that include water rights, endangered species, mine reclamation, toxic waste, forest use, historical monuments and more.

Lucy learned about working across cultural boundaries while living and working in the heart of Navajoland . With this background and credibility, most of her cases involve tribal issues and parties. She has deepened her understanding of the needs and challenges of land-based communities since moving to New Mexico, and now works with a culturally diverse team of practitioners to build understanding and create alliances across racial and ethnic divides.

Lucy deeply believes in the rights of individuals to have a voice in how decisions are made about issues affecting them. She designs processes that are inclusive, respectful and fertile for the exploration of common ground, knowing that even if a solution is not reached, parties will leave the table better educated and with some level of mutual understanding and respect.

Trainings include “Cross-cultural Alliance Building,” The Power of Apology,” and “Dealing with Difficult People and Hostile Meetings.” Lucy is an active mentor, working with those who otherwise might not have access to the field.

Her writing includes Common Ground on Hostile Turf: Stories from an Environmental Mediator, winner Sharon Pickett Award from ACR, and Into the Canyon: Seven Years in Navajo Country, winner Best Memoir from Women Writing the West.