Larry Schooler

Larry Schooler’s CV

Dr. Larry Schooler is director of consensus building and community engagement for the consulting firm CD&P, with offices in South Florida and Texas.  Dr. Schooler is an award-winning mediator and facilitator who helps public agencies find consensus on challenging policy issues; he also helps agencies refine and rethink their approaches to involving the public in decisions that affect them.  Dr. Schooler has also facilitated numerous City Council and Board retreats and helped develop strategic plans for federal, state, local, and nonprofit agencies and organizations.  Before his consulting work, Dr. Schooler started and led the first public engagement division for the City of Austin, Texas.

Dr. Schooler is a senior fellow with the National Civic League and regularly writes and speaks about public engagement topics to audiences around the world.  He has also taught public policy dispute resolution at the University of Texas and Southern Methodist University.  He is the author of a manual on facilitating public meetings and a forthcoming book on dealing with large-scale conflicts.

Dr. Schooler earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Yale and a doctorate in conflict resolution from Nova Southeastern University.  He is married to the award-winning businesswoman Jolie Schooler and father to Sammy (age 8) and Robby (age 5).  In his nonexistent spare time, he enjoys playing piano and running marathons.