Jana Wolff

Mediation/Facilitation/Writing – Business/Civic/Family matters

Website: www.janawolff.com


For over 30 years, successful individuals and organizations have called upon Jana Wolff to help them communicate with clarity and impact. As president of Vista Communications, Inc., she is well known for her expertise as a writer and a mediator.

Whether crafting a written product or managing a cohesive discussion, Jana asks astute and consequential questions that reflect clear, strategic thinking.

Jana helps many facilitators consolidate their processes into written products that take the form of executive reports, white papers, proceedings, articles, and strategic plans. Her ability to synthesize complex conversations is honed from decades of experience as a mediator.

“When Jana’s involved, the end product isn’t just better writing; it’s better thinking.”

For her corporate clients—including executives from business, healthcare, real estate, architecture, law, environment and technology—as well as for nonprofit institutions—Jana has ghostwritten books, websites, speeches, annual reports, letters to shareholders, editorials, and presentations.

“I tell Jana what I want to get across and she consistently nails it.”

Jana has helped to train students learning mediation at the UH Richardson School of Law and at the Mediation Center of the Pacific. Her own training includes a master’s degree and executive education at Pepperdine University, Harvard University, and University of Hawai‘i.

Experienced in mediating cases that involve civil rights, juvenile restitution, and business and family disputes, Jana has also facilitated groups in conversations around agricultural tourism, tele-health, aquaculture, early education, adoption, access to medical care, and racial equality.

“Jana can navigate complicated negotiations with tremendous skill and compassion.”