Plastics Source Reduction Working Group

Readings and Resources

Single Use Plastic Study – CCHonolulu

2017 Waste Composition Study

How Behavioral Science Solved Chicago’s Plastic Bag Problem – POLITICO

Japan deploys robots to tackle beaches strewn with plastic waste

Plastics on Hawaii Beaches – Environmental Science & Technology

Plastic marine debris on Hawaii’s windward coasts comes mostly from abroad, study finds _ Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Plastic and Health: The Hidden Costs of a Plastic Planet (February-2019)

Science: Plastic Waste Associated with Disease on Coral Reef (2018)

UnitedNations: Single Use Plastic and the path to sustainability (2018)

McKinsey: Accelerating-plastic-recovery-in-the-United-States (2019)

Marine Pollution Bulletin: Investigation of Plastic Debris Ingestion by Sea Turtles (2017)

No Compostable Packaging and Serviceware

PLoS – Royer et al: Production of Methane and Ethylene from Plastic (2018)

Stemming the Plastic Flood Report

WCCMMF Webinar 03 OCT 2018

Journal of Environmental Management: Evaluating localism in the management of plastic bottles (2015)

There is no value in biodegradable plastics by Mark Miodownik

United Nations: Marine Litter Misconceptions (2015)

Civil Eats: Plastic To-Go Containers are Bad but are the Alternatives Any Better? (2020)

Eater: Compostable Take-Out Containers (2020)

Yahoo!News: In Norway, Plastics are Still Fantastic

Report No. 19-08: Program Audit of DOH’s Deposit Beverage Container Program (June 2018)

Product Stewardship Institute: Marine Debris Toolkit (2015)

Buffalo Restaurants: Reduce Your Use

Product Stewardship Institute: Plastic Reduction Guide for Restaurants

NextGen Cup Challenge: Testing Zero-Waste Cups in California

Halting Plastic Bag Ban to Mitigate Coronavirus Spread

Life Cycle and Environmental Implication of Alternative Plastics Studies

PSI: EPR for PPP 3.17.20

PSI: EPR for PPP Fact Sheet 3.24.2020