Nicola Hartfield

Nicola Hartfield Resume


Nicola Hartfield mediates in the  family and  community arena with a  special interest in faith based mediation.

Nicola is the current Vice President and a Mediation Fellow of the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of NZ (AMINZ) and a past Fellow of Resolution Institute. She is the Inaugural Recipient of the Ann Edge Memorial Award for Excellence in Fellowship Mediation (2014) and was named by the National Business Review (July 2014) as being in the top 10 family mediators in New Zealand. She  presents and trains  nationally and internationally on various aspects of dispute resolution and workplace issues.

Nicola has a professional background in social work, and alongside her mediation practice, she provides executive coaching to a wide range of individual, corporate, Government and not-for-profit organisations in New Zealand and on-line internationally.

Nicola is currently writing on the concept that loss is at the heart of every conflict. Her current work interests include implementing family mediation into the prison environment to allow for connection to continue, between a child and their incarcerated parent, and providing reconciliation for the “stolen generation,” the past practice whereby  New Zealand babies of sole mothers,  were adopted out by illegal and coercive means.