Mimi Zemmelman

Mimi Zemmelman’s Resume

Website: https://www.mimizemmelman.com/

Mimi Zemmelman is a systems-oriented mediator, facilitator, and consultant with extensive experience building and running organizations, improving interagency and community collaboration, developing innovative programs, and delivering critical services with measurable results. Whether tackling housing, healthcare, collaborative justice, environmental protection, historical preservation, or economic development issues, Mimi helps technical, professional, and administrative experts communicate across disciplinary divides, navigate complex interdependencies, plan effectively for the future, and resolve conflict.

Mimi has mediated hundreds of individual disputes, facilitated agency and community strategic planning, developed plain-language resources for lay audiences, and integrated technology to improve operations. She has also helped private businesses build global Human Resource and Administration services, negotiate partnership agreements, and revise compensation plans. As a leader in several fields, Mimi has served on a City Planning Commission, the California 20/20 Vision Commission, and Boards of Directors for the California Dispute Resolution Council, California Mediation Society of San Francisco, Contra Costa County Community Corrections Partnership, and multiple committees of the State Bar of California. Her publications include Supporting Executive Leadership Coalitions in Loosely Coupled Organizations (2014); Building A Parenting Agreement That Works (9th edition, Nolo Press 1995 – 2018); Leading Public Organizations Creatively (2015); Shifting the Strange Attractor: An Exploration of Change and Change Agency (2002)