Linda Colburn

Linda Colburn Vita

Linda Colburn has worked as a consultant with public, private, and nonprofit clients throughout Hawaii since the 1980s. She has also held leadership positions with organizations including, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Alu Like, the Hawaii Nature Center as well as coordinating the Hawaii’s compliance with a Federal Consent Decree. Much of Linda’s work has focused on environmental, cultural, and sustainability issues of interest to the Hawaiian and local community.

Linda is routinely consulted for strategy development and management of potentially contentious public meetings because of her familiarity with people and organizations across sectors and socio-economic perspectives. The range of professional services for which she is known include facilitation, mediation, problem solving, technical assistance, and meeting management training.

Public Sector clients have included NASA; East West Center; NOAA; Office of Hawaiian Affairs; and the State of Hawaii’s Departments of Transportation, Land and Natural Resources, Business and Economic Development and Tourism, Education and Health.

Her Non Profit Sector work has served organizations associated with health, education, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Asian cultural foci, natural resource stewardship, social justice, social services, and philanthropy.

Colburn’s private sector consulting has included work with the insurance, publishing, planning and financial industries.