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The Future of Hawaii (ThinkTech Hawaii)
Think Tech Hawaii explored the future of science in Hawaii with ACCORD3.0 Network founder, Peter Adler. The ACCORD3.0 Network, the joint fact finding project on Kauai, and other contentious science-driven issues that are important to Hawaii. June 29, 2015

JFF Workshop Video Series
Fellow mediator, Leo Hura, is creating a video series about the topics discussed at the “Taking Stock of JFF” workshop on March 6-7, 2014. They are available on his YouTube channel (link in the title).
Some examples from this series are: JFF Applicability to Vaccine Development with Janesse Brewer, JFF Applicability to Geothermal Projects on Hawaii Island with Jeff Melrose, JFF Applicability to PSA Guideline Development with David Matz, and an overview of JFF Projects from the participants of the workshop.

Moving from “No” to “Maybe” — A Review of Some of the Intellectural Foundations Underpinning the Use of “Joint Fact Finding”     Juliana Birkhoff, September 3, 2014

Politics, Science and Collaboration  Robbie Alms, March 6, 2014