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A PDF of the full agenda is now available.

Conference • November 12

8am – 4pm
East-West Center (Imin), UH Manoa Campus

“In Search of Better Ways” – Award-winning Journalist Jan TenBruggencate

Learning from Cases and Problems – Kem Lowry, Emeritus, UH Department of Urban & Regional Planning with Ann Gosline, Mediator/Arbitrator; Peter Apo, Office of Hawaiian Affairs; Denise Antolini, Richardson School of Law; and Josh Stanbro, Hawaii Community Foundation

Engaging in Better Dialogue – Howard Gadlin, Ombudsman, National Institutes for Health

“How Decisions REALLY Get Made – The ‘Realpolitik; of Science, Politics, and Governance” – Col. Robert Fishman, Former Managing Director, City & County of Honolulu

Pathways Forward – Michael Wilson, Hawaii Supreme Court; Malia Akutagawa, Hui ‘Aina Momona; Tusi Avegalio, Pacific Island Business Center; Elizabeth Kent, ACCORD3.0

Strategy & Skills Workshop • November 13

8am – noon
Omidyar Leaders Network Conference Room, Topa Financial Center

Part 1: Initiating Up Front Collaboration on Scinece Focused Teams – Howard Gadlin, Ombudsman, National Institutes for Health

Part 2: Joint Fact Finding: A Way Through Some Legal and Political Expert Wars – Peter Adler and Keith Mattson, President of Ketih Mattson LLC