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Dialogue on Lobbying

Why this project?

In a 50-state comparison of “Lobbying Disclosures” done by the State Integrity Project, Hawaii ranked "D-". In Hawaii, as elsewhere, lobbying is a sensitive matter that has implications and expectations for how government, business, the media, and the public are expected to function. Hawaii’s “D-“ derived from a series of indicators and individual scores as follows:

1.   Is there a clear definition of a lobbyist in Hawaii?  Score = 83%
2.   Are lobbyists required to register with the state? Score = 31%
3.   Are lobbyists required to disclose spending? Score = 68%
4.   Are lobbyists’ employers or principals required to disclose spending? Score =  100%
5.   Can citizens access the information reported from lobbyists to state government? Score = 66%
6.   Is there effective monitoring of lobbying disclosure requirements? Score = 25% 

This and other ratings were part of a much wider national, state-by-state look at issues of governance, accountability, transparency and how the public’s business is conducted. 

This project jumps off from that score. Funded by a grant from the Hawaii Community Foundation (HCF) to the Collaborative Leader’s Network (http://collaborativeleadersnetwork.org/), the project will bring together a small, disciplined, and diverse group of knowledgeable individuals as a study group to examine issues associated with lobbying and to make appropriate recommendations.







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