The Team

Master problem solvers with collective expertise.

Peter S. Adler, Ph.D., Hawai‘i – Market-driven solutions to public problems

Janesse Brewer, Colorado – Environment, health, education, and workforce development

Nicole BrodieHawai‘i – Social Justice Advocacy

Dawn N. Chang, Esq., Hawai‘i – Cultural resource management; culturally sensitive facilitation;
Native Hawaiian rights legal expert; Native Hawaiian burial consultant

Greg Chun, Hawai‘i

Linda Colburn, Hawai‘i – Difficult organizational conflict management; complex project management

Charles W. Crumpton, Esq., Hawai‘i – Collaborative problem-solving; strategic solutions

Robert Fishman, Nevada – Governmental affairs and urban services

Dolores Foley, Hawai‘i –

David Franzel, Esq., Colorado & Hawai‘i – Non-profit support, environmental issues, real estate, ADR

Howard Gadlin, Ph.D., Washington DC – Scientific teams and research collaborations; complex
organizational conflicts; identity-based conflicts (race, gender, ethnicity); ombudsman programs 

Ann Gosline, Esq., Maine, Arizona – Sustainability, forests, and climate adaptation

Nina Harding, Sydney – Strategic business outcomes

Nicola Hartfield, New Zealand – Mediator, coach, and trainer

Richard L. Harris, M.Ed., California – Sharpening team performance

Tim Hicks, Oregon – interpersonal and intergroup communication, problem-solving, and decision-making assistance; organizational conflict management

Elizabeth Kent, Hawai‘i – Government, non-profits, and religious organizations

Shirli Kirschner, Sydney – Strategic business outcomes and effective group decisions

Kem Lowry, Ph.D., Hawai‘i – Cross-sector and interagency cooperation

Keith Mattson, Hawai‘i – Urban planning and policy analysis

Scott McCreary, California – Science, public policy and Joint Fact Finding

Ken Schmidt, Hawai‘i – Mapping and geospatial technologies

Barbara Sharp & Tim Offer, Melbourne – Crisis communication and issues management;
mining, forest resource, energy, and infrastructure

Melissa White, Hawai‘i – Community planning and capacity building

Jessica Williams, Colorado – Business and decision-making analytics

Rich Wilson, CPF, California – Public engagement on governance and public policy, natural resources management, and sustainable development

Jana WolffHawai‘i – Smart writing for smart people