Larry Schooler

Larry's CV

The father of two and husband of one, Larry Schooler is an award-winning mediator, facilitator, public engagement consultant, instructor, and author whose work has been featured by the National League of Cities, the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and several other organizations.  

Based in South Florida and the Austin, Texas, area, Larry is director of community engagement and consensus building for the firm Engaged Public.  He designed the public engagement and dispute resolution division for the City of Austin and has provided consulting and facilitation services for a wide array of clients, including: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, other cities like Chicago and Washington, D.C., and nonprofit organizations.  

Larry is a past president of the International Association for Public Participation and a past leadership council member for the Association for Conflict Resolution’s Environment and Public Policy Section, and he has taught public policy dispute resolution at both Southern Methodist University and Northwestern University.  He is the author of a forthcoming book on the application of public engagement in truth and reconciliation commissions, and he is completing a PhD in conflict resolution (having obtained a master’s in that same field).  

He is married to Jolie and father to Sammy (age 7) and Robby (age 4).  In his nonexistent spare time, he trains for and runs marathons, plays the piano, and sings.

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