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The GM Crops and Pesticides on Kauai Joint Fact Finding (JFF) process is designed to enable analytical deliberation of facts and data specific to the issues at hand. The JFF process does this in a disciplined manner through courteous but rigorous evidenced-based debate.  

Two shelves of books continuing into the distance. JFF research process.

The selection of studies, reports, and articles to support this process will be carefully done to ensure the highest possible quality of discussion on relevant evidence-based information.

The JFF process will focus on peer-reviewed academic articles and public agency documents since there are established processes for review of these before publication, and there is accountability for misstatements and errors.Other sources of information may also be considered, including those produced by corporations, interest and advocacy groups, journalists, and others. However, peer-reviewed academic articles and public agency studies will be looked to first and foremost to inform the JFF discussions.

Given the high volume of material written about GM crops and pesticides, it is simply not possible to consider everything written about these topics. Therefore, priority consideration will be given to information that is relevant to the use of pesticides and/or GM agriculture on Kauai, or relevant to pesticide-related human health and environmental quality on Kauai.


The list of references used in the report are available in Appendix 1..


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