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Who We Are

Accord 3.0 provides strategic consulting services to engage in complex, multi-party problem-solving to tackle difficult problems in areas such as partnership development, facilitation, planning, training, conflict assessment, and management strategies.

Our seasoned team – composed of respected professionals in planning, law, business, governmental affairs, public policy, environmental policy, communications, and finance – brings a multi-sector perspective, informed expertise, and a suite of comprehensive solutions and refined tools to each client. We like to call it “21st century problem-solving.”

We are just as comfortable with analysis, strategy, and investment as we are with process engineering and implementation. Contact us and start the conversation.


Our work in diverse domains – urban infrastructure, coastal zone management, civil engagement and others – is driven by the notion of “legacy”. The more enduring problems we face on the planet have social, political, economic, technological, cultural, and legal drivers. Hence, the need for “non-routine problem solving” strategies rather than the same old problem solving habits that made the messes we and our successors now face.

While we don’t turn away other work, our special talents rest with legacy projects that have some or all of the following attributes:

Problems, issues and projects that absolutely require convergent thinking, collaboration, and alignment if more optimum and elegant solutions... --

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We have no shortage of pressing problems. The issues we are interested in at ACCORD3.0 are “legacy” problems, things we inherited, contributed to, and must help make better as a legacy to the future. I think of issues like jobs, growth, and economic development; security in a post 9/11 world; food and fresh water for everyone; stabilizing climate change; or reducing poor student performance in our educational systems.

The hard truth is all of these problems cross conventional boundaries and technical remedies by themselves are insufficient. No one sector -- public, private, or civic –owns them. No one agency of government has full jurisdiction to solve them...






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